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Belement specializes in optimizing and facilitating product planning and design by decreasing planning and development time and prototype testing in an organized process, in order to reduce the final costs of the product.

After more than a decade of activity in the Israeli market, Belement has gained the knowledge to provide insight and important input throughout all of the planning and development stages; from the initial design concept until final testing stages. 
Belement offers a new modern approach to engineering planning using advanced analytical tools. 

Our Services

Belement offers a wide range of engineering services from the research stage to mass production. Among our services are planning and design centered on feasibility and optimization analytics.

belement - engineering analysis


  • Research and definition of user profile and pain points

  • Brainstorming and concepts analysis.

  • Initial concept design.


Wide-range analysis of engineering for feasibility study and  optimization in terms of thermal, mechanical, conductivity, electro-magnetic, and other concerns.


  • Definition of engineering requirements.

  • Operational and mechanical planning from concept to workable solution.

  • Recommendation of mechanical components.

  • Proof of concept.

Our process

Belement uses the PTA process, which was developed by the company. Using this process, engineering planning is performed using analytical and optimization tools continuously. Using these tools, Belement provides specific solutions to improve efficiency of the engineering process, to speed up the design process, to cut unnecessary costs, and to reduce development time.

Reducing product cost

Design for a target price

Development in a short time

Precise Design from the first step

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